Best Camping Supplies

Five Must-Have Camping Essentials


Camping is a fun activity, whether you are doing it in your backyard gazebo, or out in the wild. If you are going camping in the wild, it is crucial that you carry a couple of essentials. Detailed here are five must-have camping essentials that you need to consider packing.


First Aid Kit

This tops the list because it is probably the most essential thing to have while you are out hiking or camping. When you are in the wild, you are likely to get scratches, bruises, and bumps. This should be the first thing you pack before you leave home; just to be sure, you can always have an extra first aid kit in your vehicle. Of course, you have to update it from time to time to ensure that it has the right stuff in there.


Pack Enough Water for Drinking

You also need to make sure that you have adequate clean water to drink while you are out camping or hiking.


Cary Some Rope

Another thing you need to be keen on packing is rope. Going to a campsite without rope can turn out to be a disaster because you need the rope for several things. Some of the things a piece of rope could be good for include making a clothesline to air your wet clothes, hanging your coolers during the night, or even toeing someone out of some water or another tight situation. Read more about solar panels here!


Bring a Lighter

Of course, you are going to need to light a fire for warmth, and for cooking your food. You can carry a box of matches; however, it is also good to pack a lighter just in case. You have to be prepared for anything because your matchbox could fall into some water and that would be a disaster if that is all you depended on.


Have a Flashlight

Something else you need to have during a camping trip is a flashlight. You need to know that the moon is the only natural source of light in the wild at night, and even if it is a full moon, you are going to have some trouble seeing stuff at night. Ensure that your flashlight has an extra bulb or two. It is best if you carry an LED flashlight, which also happened to be hardy. That way you can be sure you will always have a source of light. In addition to this, you could have a few extra batteries, but the best thing to do is carry a solar-powered flashlight or one that you can recharge manually. This way, you will be sure of a source of light, swag for sale here!